Videos from our trip to the Serengeti and Masai Mara, January 2016

These videos were taken on our trip to Africa in 2016: most were taken using Mavis's Canon G16; the last two used my Canon 7d mark II. They're hosted on Youtube (see my Youtube channel) but this page shows them in higher resolution.

Lions eating

We were at Ngare Serian camp in the Masai Mara, Kenya, watching a pride of lions in the evening, and we noticed (and so did they!) a couple of warthogs approaching. Some of the pride circled round them and drove them into a trap. One was quickly killed and here you see them enjoying the fruits of their labours. The hyena and jackal in the background are also hopeful.

A female white rhino and its young

So close to the road they almost stopped us from moving

Elephant Eating

An elephant having a nice meal

Lions Relaxing

A family of lions relaxing and washing

Giraffes "Necking"

Male giraffes fight by swinging their necks and hitting each other with their horns. These two are probably just practicing rather than fighting for real.

Vultures Squabbling

A variety of vultures squabbling over a wildebeest carcase.

Masai Dance

Loliondo camp in Tanzania is near a Masai village (Boma) and the people from the village like to dance for visitors

Masai Jumping

The men of the Masai (the warriors) like to demonstrate their jumping skill.

Cheetah being tormented by flies

Possibly tsetse flies: they really nip when they bite you.

Lions Mating

When a lioness is in season, they mate about every 15 minutes. That's why the lion looks tired and hungry.

Lion Cubs Playing

Cubs like to sit on large rock and this shows them having a play with each other.

Elephant Showering

This adolescent male elephant was obviously a bit hot, so decided to take a cool shower from the small water hole.

Hyena mother and pups

Hyenas are often regarded as ugly animals, but we rather like them. These pups are probably about 4 weeks old.


A cheetah on the hunt in Lewa, Kenya

Cheetah looking for prey

A cheetah at Ngare, Kenya seeing if there's anything to eat