The Holmes Family Tree

How to use the browser

The family tree browser shows a single family at a time.  If you click on the name of a parent in the tree, that parent becomes a child in the next tree.  Their parents are shown on the left of the page, with the father on the left.  The mother is next, and then any other spouses of the father are shown across the page, in chronological order (where this is known).  Their immediate siblings are shown alongside them in a tree form.  Half-siblings are not displayed.

If you click on the name of a child on the tree, then they become the parent in the next tree displayed.  They are shown on the left of the page, with their spouses shown across the page in chronological order.  The children of the first spouse are shown.

If you click on the box for any individual on the page (but not on their name, since this is a link) then the information box below the tree displays all the information known about that individual.

If the double-line link between spouses is shaded, you can click that shaded portion to show the children of that marriage.

There are a few "gotchas" to be aware of where there are multiple spouses involved.  If you click a parent, then you will be shown a tree with that individual as a child, and with their father and mother on the top left of the tree.  All the father's other wives are shown, as described above.  If you now click the father, to get his parents, and then click him again, you get back to a different tree from the one you left - the father will have his wives in chronological order, so the person you originally clicked won't be shown - you will have to click the shaded "marriage" link to the mother to get that family back.

To begin your search, use the drop-down boxes below to select the person whose family you wish to view.

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